Our Staff

Show, Inc. Has Some of The Greatest Staff Around! Our highly knowledgeable and dedicated staff is ready to serve the needs of the individual as well as the community.

Robert Lawrence – Executive Director
Direct Line: (918) 512-6259

LaVonda Dixon – Respite Director
Direct Line: (918) 227-3332

Sharon Lang – Adult Day Services Director
Direct Line: (918) 512-6307

Christina Boyd– Finance/HR Manager
Direct Line: (918) 512-6198

Program Coordinators
Nancy Deerinwater – Vocational
Direct Line: (918) 512-6281

John Bloomquist – Assisted Living
Direct Line: (918) 512-6313

Commercial Services Supervisor
Wayne Land
Direct Line: (918) 512-6213

Recycling Operations/Production
Phil Finnegan
Connie Guinn



Our Show Staff
Cherrl Bell
Chris Cheny
Elissa Daniels
Glenn DavidsonDonald Ferguson
Melissa Gilton
Caleb Johnson
Lou Luttrell
Kyle Mullenix
Regina Norton
Kayla O’Brian
Keith Smith
Mattie Smith-Broom

Our Respite Staff

Sidney Carter
Jackie Johnson
Josheau Littlebear
Robbin Sharp-Cotter

Show, Inc.
425 W. Wells Blvd.   Sapulpa, OK 74066
Phone: (918) 224-7214   Fax: (918) 224-2480