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Show inc now provides I-Camp when school is out for regular breaks and professional days! Contact us to sign up!

What Is Respite Summer Camp?
Respite Summer Camp is in its third year. It is a summer camp for children with disabilities.

What does Respite Summer Camp offer?
Respite Summer Camp provides a safe place with qualified, loving staff that understand the needs of not only children with disabilities, but the ones who care for them. Respite is equipped with many activities including a playground and arts & crafts centers.

Some of the activities at Summer Camp include:

Nature Day-Planting Flowers

>Feeling the texture of the dirt
>Watering daily and allowing the sun to activate the pod
>Watching it grow into a beautiful flower and presenting it to the parents

Life Skill Daily-Caring for Self and Others

>Each one gets to help with food preparations, setting a table and serving others
>Personal hygeine is important-washing hands, combing hair, brushing teeth

Water Week-What a Relief, it’s Hot, Hot, Hot

>Remember to protect yourself with a skin protectant
>Water volleyball played different, a line on the floor or ground
>Water gun games
>Slip and slide
>Water Balloons-we burst them on purpose, what a refreshing shower

Painting Daily-VanGogh is in the building

>Be creative and expressive at the same time
>It doesn’t have to look great to be interesting
>We are all artists
>Glue it, brush it, shave it, roll it…anything goes

Career Week-Be All That You Can Be

>Dress for the position-doctor, student, teacher, fireman, police
>This world would not function if you weren’t in it


What is the cost of Respite Summer Camp?
The summer camp is $20 per day or $100.00 per week. We are a 2 Star facility, licensed by DHS. If your child already receives daycare assistance, all you need to do is contact DHS and tell them that Show, Inc. will be your provider. If you do not already receive assistance, you can apply at the local DHS office.

What hours is Respite Summer Camp open?
Summer Camp will run from May 14 – August 3 from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm.

If you are interested in your child attending Respite Summer Camp, please contact Robert Lawrence at (918) 224-7214 for more information.