As much as we would like to be able to recycle everything, some items just can’t be recycled. The following lists are common items that are and are not recyclable. If you ever have any questions on what can or cannot be recycled we encourage you to call, some items that we do not accept may be recyclable at other places. Even items that cannot be recycled may find a new life as something else – a check of the internet or your local library may help find new uses for some of these items. Always remember to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

What We Do Accept

#1 & #2 Plastic Bottles (pop bottles, water bottles, milk jugs, liquid laundry detergent, etc.)

Paper (office paper, junk mail, magazines, brown paper bags, etc.)


Aluminum Cans

Glass (bottles & jars)

Tin Cans (vegetable cans)

Batteries (alkaline & NiCad)

Phone Books

What We Don’t Accept

Plastic bowls, flower pots, children’s toys, plastic silverware, plastic buckets, plastic bags, medicine bottles

Paper towels, kleenex, tissue paper, paper plates, cups, bowls, napkins

Paper towel or toilet paper cores

Aluminum foil, aluminum siding, cat food cans

Plate glass (windows, mirrors, etc.), glass bowls, vases, decorative glass, light bulbs, drinking glasses

Pots, pans, scrap metal, copper, paint cans, aerosol cans

Fast food containers, syrofoam

 Show, Inc. is now accepting e-waste! Check the lists to see if you can bring your unwanted electronics to Show.

Acceptable E-Waste

Computers, Servers (CPUs)Monitors, Keyboards, MicePrinters, Fax Machines

Hard Drives

Tape & Zip Drives

Gaming Consoles

Cell Phones


Digital Cameras

Stereo Components, Radios

Cables & Cords

Power Supplies

Networking Equipment

Modems, Routers & Switches

Printed Circuit Boards

Small UPS Systems


NOTE: $30.00 fee for TVs & $10.00 fee for Monitors. These fees are based on the price we pay to process the hazardous material and is subject to change.
All e-waste is limited to 40 lbs per item for safety.

Unacceptable E-waste

Light Bulbs

Air Conditioners

Large Appliances


Smoke Alarms


Items Over 40 Pounds

Items with Freon or Gasoline

Show, Inc. is not responsible for data left on hard drives or other e-waste. Show, Inc. will store e-waste securely until it is delivered to Natural Evolution who practices industry standard data destruction.