While we can’t recycle everything, many more items than what we accept can be recycled. Below is a listing of  items that can be recycled and a short list of places that will accept these items. Please note that it is always a good idea to contact them to verify the exact types of items they accept and if they charge a fee.


Household and automotive batteries can be brought here to Show, Inc. or taken to any of the M.E.T. locations in Tulsa.

Interstate Battery
4116 S 88th E. Ave.
(918) 610-0007
Automotive batteries only

S & S Metals
1901 S. 81st W. Ave.
(918) 245-4212
Automotive batteries only

Check with the following companies for recycling rechargeable and cell phone batteries

  • AT&T Wireless
  • Radio Shack
  • Home Depot
  • Sears
  • Wal-Mart
  • US Cellular


Along with Show’s new e-waste program, the following companies will recycle e-waste and televisions. Please remember to call to see exactly what types of items they will accept and if there is a fee to recycle televisions or computer monitors.

Metropolitan Environmental Trust drop off locations
http://metrecycle.com/ for locations that accept e-waste

Natural Evolution, Inc.
5719 E. 13th St.
(918) 836-2995

Earth Ecycle
(918) 872-7081
Toll free 877-WEECYCLE (933-2925)

AABC Computers
5881 S. Garnett
(918) 313-5560

Ink Cartridges:

Check with your local Cartridge World or Staples to recycle or remanufacture your ink cartridges.

CFL’s (Compact Fluorescent Bulbs):

Home Depot
Check with your local store.

2120 Southwest Blvd.
(918) 587-9664

Safety Kleen
16319 E. Marshall St.
(918) 234-5185

Motor Oil & Antifreeze:

The M.E.T. recycling depots in Tulsa and surrounding areas, as well as Show, Inc., will accept up to 5 gallons per day – residential only.

For amounts in excess of 5 gallons, check with the following

2120 Southwest Blvd.
(918) 587-9664

Safety Kleen
16319 E. Marshall St.
(918) 234-5185

Household Hazardous Waste:

Household Pollutants Collection Facility
4502 S Galveston Ave, Tulsa, OK 74107
Tulsa residents call 918-591-4325 for appointment
Outside Tulsa, call the MET at 918-584-0584

2120 Southwest Blvd.
(918) 587-9664

Safety Kleen
16319 E. Marshall St.
(918) 234-5185
Please note that they do charge a fee to properly dispose of hazardous waste.

Other Items:

Goodwill Industries
(918) 581-1200
Accepts small appliances and clothing. Call for other accepted items.

Cate’s Recycling
(918) 227-2865
Old appliances, old cars, scrap metal, etc. Please call for accepted items.

Salvation Army
(918) 583-ARMY
Small appliances, clothing. Call for other accepted items.

Dawson Bldg. Supply & Salvage
5519 E. Tecumseh
(918) 832-0071
Most used building supplies. Call ahead.

North Tulsa Tire
(918) 425-7526



Show, Inc.
425 W. Wells Blvd.   Sapulpa, OK 74066
Phone: (918) 224-7214   Fax: (918) 224-2480